Welcome to the new and improved MPIA website, powered by the Membee Membership Management platform. We are very excited to begin rolling out many new features we have available with the new platform. Soon you will start to see:

  1. A new way to manage your membership, payment, and your organization and contact details relevent to MPIA. Give each member of your organization their own login information to access member-only features and keep up to date with the MPIA.
  2. Event sign-ups directly on the platform; manage your attendance at MPIA events, pay for courses and more!
  3. Member only access – we’ll be building out content and resources dedicated to members, and you’ll be able to sign-in to gain access to a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities on the website.
  4. Job Posts – Recruiting for your company? Our MPIA Job Board will be available to all members to post their jobs and help attract top quality candidates. MPIA will amplify jobs posted on the job board on our social media and email distribution networks.

This is just scratching the surface of what we’ll be rolling out on the new platform, so stay tuned for new updates on how MPIA is working to move the Print Industry in Manitoba forward!