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Unigraphics Ltd.

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Unigraphics Limited was built one step at a time. It was created through the merger of several printing companies with the goal of offering all types of printing under one roof. The roots of this company are made up of the experience and quality that each new company brought to the Ungraphics group. Traditions and work that made each of these other companies stand-out continues today as part of Unigraphics.

In October 2008, Unigraphics expanded its services to the web with An online site to create personalized gifts and prints was put into development. Along with the customer side of, an online printing system for corporations (B2B) was also being created. The site was officially launched on June 26th 2009, and is quickly growing month to month.

Unigraphics truly was built step by step and if our 100 year history proves anything, it is that they know how to change, adapt, grow and succeed.

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