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Manitoba Quality Network (Qnet)

  1. Manitoba Quality Network (Qnet)
600- 175 Hargrave Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Winnipeg R3C 3R8

QNET is a non-profit network of individuals and organizations focused on the pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. QNET strives to lead an on-going process of awareness, networking and education in a changing business environment.

With 400 members throughout Manitoba representing various sectors of the economy including manufacturing, service, health care, government, education, consultants and not-for-profit.

Begin establishing a framework for excellence in your organization by focusing on the areas of leadership, quality, boards and wellness.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Trish Wainikka, Executive Director
Phone: 204-204-9494
Fax: 204-949-4990

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