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Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

  1. Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
130 Henlow Bay Winnipeg, Manitoba,, Winnipeg R3Y 1G4

Winnipeg Technical College provides secondary and post-secondary students with applied skills training for careers in Health Care and Human Services, Information and Business Technology, and Skilled Trades.

The Graphic and Print Technician program offers students exposure to the print media industry, from concept and computer art, to a completed printed product. This program is for students who are creative and/or mechanically inclined.

After completing the first 4 core credits, students will choose to focus the remainder of their training in either the Design or Print option of the program. They will then complete either 5 Design credits or 5 Print credits.

Students selecting the Design option will operate current professional software applications on iMac computers – the industry standard. Design students will create exciting design projects such as CD covers, posters, web graphics, labels, greeting cards, magazine ads and more.

Students selecting the Print option will learn offset lithography and flexography print production processes as well as post-press operations. Various techniques and technologies allow Print students to bring artwork to the last stages of production.
This specialization of instruction allows each student’s individual aptitudes and interests to be more closely matched when the Work Practicum is arranged and maximizes his/her potential for employment.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Janet Hamilton, Graphic and Print Technician Instructor
Phone: 204-989-6534
Fax: 204-488-4152

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