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Dauphin Herald

  1. Dauphin Herald
120 1st Avenue Northeast, Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada, (Box 548), Dauphin R7N 2H3

The story of newspapers in Dauphin Manitoba is a long one and the Dauphin Herald has played a leading role in that story from the beginning. Over the years the Dauphin Herald has carried out its role through several owners, both private and corporate and has grown in stature and prominence within the province’s newspaper industry.

Presently owned and published by Bob and Linda Gilroy and family, the Herald continues to fulfill the role as the official record of Dauphin and is an instrumental piece of the community’s daily life.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Brent Wright, Advertising Manager
Phone: 204-638-4420
Fax: 204-638-8760

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