HR Tip #1


Some employees may realize that the grass is not greener on the other side after choosing to leave a long time employer.These returning, or “boomerang,” employees often turn out to be excellent choices for new hires because they are more engaged the second time around and have often acquired valuable experience at other employers.
Employers should use these boomerang employees as a reference resource to learn what your organization is doing right to prevent mistakes in the future. Then create action plans to capitalize on this knowledge in an effort to attract new employees.
Retirees may also realize they are bored or they have not saved enough for retirement (especially during periods of economic downturn).
Some tangible benefits for rehiring the boomerang employees include:

  • They are already trained.
  • They have established relationships with employees, vendors and customers that can be easily renewed.
  • They understand the organization’s culture.
  • Recruiting and training costs are lower.
  • They often return with new market knowledge and experience.