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Manitoba Print Industry


The Manitoba Print Industry Association promotes careers and workforce development within the Manitoba print industry.

The commercial printing industry is one of the most economically important and technologically advanced industrial sectors in Canada.  Not a single day goes by without the average person coming into contact with printed matter – from food labels, books, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, diaries and annual reports to bonds, currency, lottery tickets, stamps, credit cards, passports, leaflets, diplomas and posters.

There are currently over 100 commercial printers, packagers, and labelers in Manitoba. These companies produce over $850 million annually and employ over 3,500 individuals.

Over half of the print industry workforce is expected to retire with senior management positions being the most vulnerable. 

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Manitoba Print Industry Association can talk to your students about the career opportunities in the industry. We  offer a 30-minute class room presentation, information booth display and/or coordinate an industry tour with one of our company members.

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