About Manitoba Print Industry Association

Printing is Essential. Manitoba printer's annual sales exceed $850 million.


The Manitoba Print Industry Association Inc. (MPIA) is a non-profit industry-based organization created to:

  • increase awareness of the Manitoba print industry
  • attract and retain individuals into the industry; and
  • expand training opportunities within the existing workforce.


MPIA Goals

  • Identify opportunities to increase awareness of, and attract new workers to, the Manitoba print industry.
  • Provide a network for print industry consultation, partnership and communication.
  • Partner with appropriate government departments, associations, agencies, and schools to support the continued development of the Manitoba print industry.
  • Assist in the ongoing development of print industry-related curriculum with learning objectives and outcomes that are relevant to the current industry needs.


Ted Gortemaker

MPIA Board President - Premier Printing

Alexandra Gomez

MPIA Board Vice President - The UPS Store #431

Sindy Catigay

MPIA Board Secretary - Pollard Banknote

Dean Sabo

MPIA Board Director - WBM Technologies

Claudia Jofre

MPIA Board Director - Pollard Banknote

Dave Morcom

MPIA Board of Director - Unigraphics Ltd.

Nick Giesbrecht

MPIA Board Director - City Press

Rick Duha

MPIA Board Director - Duha Group

Neerav Bhatt

MPIA Board of Director - PrintPro