Printed products are a renewable resource

Once a printed product has served its purpose, it reenters the cycle as a new product.



Print is Everywhere

Print has been the world’s favourite medium. We are used to being surrounded by print. We are comfortable with it.




Print can set your marketing apart from all others. Incorporating moving parts, scented varnishes, pull-tab windows and sound chips to enhance the experience. Consumers are able to take a cell phone snap shot of your direct mail piece and receive instant product information. New technologies make your mail piece interactive and your sales opportunities immediate.

Print is Beautiful

The human eye is attracted to the beauty of print and printers consider every job a masterpiece. Advanced color and print techniques make the final product more appealing and compelling. The beauty of print attracts customers in a way no electronic media can.

Print is Trusted

We’ve all heard the term “get it down on paper”. Print is trusted and credible. Having something you can touch, hold and share with others provides a comfort that no electronic media can match. More and more, marketers are incorporating print into their campaigns as the “trusted” media.

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