CAREERS IN PRINTING: The Original Information Media – By Sally Ann Flecker, Revised by Deanna M. Gentile

Here is a comprehensive, highly readable, lively guide to everything you need to know to pursue a successful career in the print and graphic communications industry:

  • A profile of the fast-changing, technology-driven printing industry
  • Up-to-date snapshots of industry markets segments and opportunities
  • Explanation of the major printing processes
  • How digital technologies are shaping the industry
  • Job descriptions, qualifications and salaries
  • A glossary of industry terms
  • Colleges and universities offering courses in graphic communications
  • Trade associations in your area
  • And much, much more!!

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Color Management Handbook: A Practical Guide

By Adams, Sharma and Suffoletto

This handbook is an invaluable resource for users who want to match, or more realistically, get an “optimal color reproduction” using a color management process.

From profile creation though profiling your devices and using the profiles in popular applications and production environments, the most efficient and current methods of color management are revealed in this guide.

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Glossary of Graphic Communications

Fourth Edition – Revised by Jo Deemer

In addition to the 3500+ terms from the previous edition, this glossary defines the latest terms on:

  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Internet Technology
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Mailing and Information Technology
  • Variable-data and digital printing
  • Web-to-print

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Materials Handling for the Printer

by John Geis and Paul L Addy

Materials handling is more than just using a pallet jack to move a skid of paper; it is “providing the right amount of the right materials, in the right condition, in the right sequence, in the right orientation, at the right place and the right time.”

From receiving through shipping, Materials Handling for the Printer provides ideas that will help printers of all sizes improve their materials handling procedures, which will reduce expenses and improve the bottom line.

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Fold: The Professionals Guide to Folding

Version 1 & Version 2 by Trish Witkowski.

Written with designers and printers in mind, this publication is reviewed and approved by some of the largest binderies in the U.S. and Canada. This Manual will standardize the language of FOLDING as we know it today.

With step-by step instructions to assist in accurate digital document set-up; helpful hints and considerations; paper guidelines; and much more.

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What The Printer Should Know About Paper

Third Edition by Lawernce A. Wilson.

If you don’t know enough about paper you may lose money on evey job you print. Solving a paper related problem, or at least identifying its cause is a skill that can save the printer money and time.

This edition is thoroughly revised and includes coverage of: manufacuring and recycling; properities as they apply to printabiltiy, runnability and end use; handling and protection, including air conditioning; paper conversion tables and formulas and much more.

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The Basics of Print Production

by Mary Hardesty

This publication provides an overview of the steps required to make a creative concept into a printing piece.

Being aware of the basics of a process helps everyone who is involved recognize the time and cost factors as well as the influence of each decision or step on the overall process.

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A Short History Of Binding

by Willian Oresick

This overview, offers a short non technical orientation to the development of bookbinding. The narritive ranges from the origin of bookmaking in Mesopotamia to the development of the codex book format in acient Rome to mechanization of the bindery during the Industrial Revolution.

This history of binding is useful to printing and publishing professionals, to students & to anyone curious about graphic communications.

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Direct Mail Pal

by T.J. Tedesco, Ken Boone, Terry Woods and John Leonard

This is a thorough exploration of the world of direct mail. Casting light on every corner of the direct mail process, this is a truly substantive overview of a powerful marketing tool used by companies of all specialities and sizes

Including direct mail planning, preproducation, production and postproduction procedures you are are provided additional features such as sample checklists, forms and glossaries.

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At The Finishing Line: A Primer for New Bindery Workers

by Frances M. Wieloch

Today’s bindery is a vital, interdependent part of the print production process, and this primer will help new and future bindery workers better understand the concepts, terminology, equipment and components, and techniques of binding and finishing so that they may achieve success at the finishing line.

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ALSO AVAILABLE | KEYS TO PROFITABILITY: Strategic and Operational Characteristics of Printing Industry Profit Leaders – By Ronnie H Davis and Ed Gleeson, PIA/GATF Economic and Market Research Dep’t

In using the PIA/GATF Ratios to benchmark a company’s performance, Ratios users are able to compare their company against those firms classified as profit leaders and survey participants in the top 25% of profitability.
This report goes beyond the numbers reported in the Ratios and focuses instead on the strategic and operating characteristics of profit-leading printers to help you better understand the strategies and practices that distinguish high performers from the rest of the pack.

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