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96% of news reading is still in print. 87.1 Billion monthly printed page views. Print drives commerce.


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MPIA Members are part of a larger more effective network

Why is this good value for Members of the MPIA?

MPIA Membership provides:

  • Opportunity to be a part of a greater voice to government and related agencies
  • Mentorships facilitated with other printers outside of Manitoba
  • Collaboration with the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
  • Connection with other local Associations
  • Networking events aimed at increasing partnerships and industry connections
  • Promotion at local schools and trade fairs
  • Central location for information and issues
  • Partners with Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT)
  • Printing Industries of America
  • Canadian Printing Industries Association

MPIA Members are Members of the Printing Industries of America

Why is this arrangement good value for Members of the MPIA?

It provides MPIA Members with

Training Videos

Free/discounted online training videos designed to train staff on topics such as business, technical, and customer-related matters

iLearning Center

The Integrated Learning Center features printing industry-focused courses developed and presented by industry expert instructors. There are free courses for every professional in categories such as print production, sales, marketing, customer service and lean manufacturing. The iLearning Center premium content includes industry certifications (Improvement Professional in Print, Customer Service Professional) and Power Selling

Technical Hotline

Complimentary telephone consulting service offers members immediate help for technical and production problems

Ratio Studies

The financial benchmarking tools for the printing industry

Printing Industries Press

Members save up to 50 percent off standard prices on   publications, reports, training curricula, textbooks, and downloads


All Conferences include training workshops on print-related topics

Color Conference

Continuous Improvement Conference

President’s Conference

Technical Association of the Graphic Arts



























For more information on how to become a member contact: Barry Miller, Executive Director of Manitoba Print Industry Association at

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